Advice is best when received from an honest reliable source, the best advice is obtained from personal experience.

Briefly explaining what to expect when quitting cigarettes. How to prepare for going smoke free, I also explain the benefits too.

#health #cigarettes #quitting #smoking #trending Advice on quitting cigarettes through a process of preparation and readiness. In this video, I’ve briefly explained my personal experience with tobacco use along with withdrawal. The journey has been a complicated task, I would say it’s definitely worth it. I couldn’t imagine going through this process without the support of family and peers. Better sooner than later.

Smoking Ruined My Teeth, Be Responsible About Your Health

My recent visit to the dentist.
My words of advice is just don’t smoke at all.

@Real Advice About Life #health #smoking #advice #drugs #trending A look at my day at the dentist for my ruined teeth as a result of being a tobacco / k2 spice smoker. It wasn’t pleasant getting my tooth pulled in my 30s but having a toothache and infection for over a year wasn’t either. I know that if I didn’t stop when I did it could possibly be worst, so I’m just taken the good with the bad. I was born with asthma and was well educated about the dangers of smoking, I first experimented with cigarettes at 16, it was the worst decision. The moral of my story is, in life, we will all make mistakes, after trial and error we must take it upon ourselves to move forward and learn from those mistakes. we can pass that wisdom to someone else who may benefit from it, only then will our past mistakes have not been made in vain.

A person must be responsible in order to be a great leader.

Lead by example….

#Leadership #trending #advice #leaders @realadviceaboutlife Speaking about leadership and how important responsibility is for leading. How to be a better leader in this day and age, leading by example. people in today’s world like to feel like they’re making their own choice, this makes it important for new-age leaders to try to lead by example. when you lead by example people choose to follow your lead rather than you telling them why they should follow you. These days we have more followers than leaders, this can make leaders look like an outcast and some may be labeled as trouble makers or a crazy person. A true leader isn’t affected by any of this, a weak leader will fall right into this common psychological trap. I prefer positive leaders and admire the careful responsibility they must tend to constantly. This includes never speaking too soon, thinking over big decisions, and analyzing every scenario in search of the best possible outcome. I believe every leader starts from a neutral standpoint but the decisions they choose determines if they’re good or bad in their true nature. A person may speak of positive ideas at the beginning just to gain your trust but if it’s not genuine they can only put on an act for so long before their true nature starts to show itself, that’s when I feel followers should observe carefully because soon they’ll have to make a choice.